When you turn the pages of the brochure of a hotel, or you surf its website, you can often realize that the word "pampering" is used very frequently and naturally. But then you have to pass from words to facts! Well, we know that keeping open the breakfast room from 7 to 12 is a very good way to pamper our guests.

Who has a business meeting or tight deadlines can get up early, those who, lucky them, can relax a little bit longer, know that in the Tavern a fantastic breakfast will be there waiting for them until noon.

These are pampering!

But not all: in fact, Casali’s breakfast satisfies also the greediest people!

Come in and sit in the Tavern is a really special moment, relaxing and especially important to be able to start a profitable and successful day.

Coffee and cappuccino as at the bar: no "machines" that simulates, coffee is coffee and cappuccino is absolutely delicious.

The buffet offers many delights such as pastry croissants, bakery bread, homemade cakes, jams and honey of any type and then eggs, bacon, fruit, yogurt, cereals, hams, salami, mortadella, cheeses, centrifugal of fresh fruit and vegetable, fresh orange juice and fantastic pancakes, produced by us without freeze-dried, with biological maple syrup!

And much more .... all to try.

The morning light from the large windows and lounge music in the background will make you start your day in the best way.